Friday, January 29, 2016

Non-starter: A tale of a Friday night

We are told to be grateful in the midst of our trials, even grateful for our trials.

Ergo, I am grateful:

  • My car died before I got to the freeway.
  • I work out enough that I can push my car by myself and keep it in a straight line. In a dress.
  • For the guy behind me who did not make me try to push the car by myself and make a 90-degree turn.
  • For the two guys who pushed me farther away from the intersection so my night didn't include a shattered rear end.
  • That my insurance company pre-approved me just two days ago for a very good interest rate on an auto loan.
  • The weather is nice enough that standing outside tonight (and walking around town tomorrow) will be pleasant.
  • I don't have any absolutely necessary plans this weekend that require me to drive.
  • The tow truck driver was very friendly.
  • There is a mechanic literally 100 feet from my front door and it's open on Saturday.
  • I was wearing a long enough skirt tonight that when I climbed through the hole in the fence I didn't flash anybody.

And finally, I'm grateful the debate has been had. Yes, Androg has been a good car and for the most part has not been super high-maintenance. But he's 14 years old. This is the second tow in four months. The breakup probably (fingers crossed) won't be tomorrow, but that interest rate won't hang around forever. It's time.

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