Sunday, September 6, 2015

Why is there no 'people of airports' website?

I'm 21 hours into my vacation, and so far things are rolling as expected for a Heidi trip. 

I have:

- asked a stranger for directions. 
- been asked by a stranger if I needed directions. 
- gotten lost and blamed the map. 
- run with my luggage. 
- checked on my passport half a dozen times. 
- been stopped at airport security. (I actually don't know why. He had to check my liquids.)
- walked behind very slow people at the airport and wished there was a fast lane. 

But it's not all old. New excitement for Greekventure 2015 includes doing a Brothers-Grimm-Cinderella's-stepsister number to get my backpack in the puddle jumper out of Lubbock (the little toe isn't that important, right?), and getting to DFW only to learn the flight to London was oversold and I didn't technically have a seat yet. (Exact words: "we're in an oversell situation." No, gate attendant, sir. Your company intentionally oversold the plane. Own it.) But I got an aisle seat, I made it through the monstrosity that is Heathrow, I got a middle seat on a half full flight and got to move farther back but got a window seat and my own row. 

And now I'm in Greece! And at one point in my wandering around lost, I stumbled upon this:

You know, just hanging out in the middle of the city like it's not the freaking Acropolis. 

Here's hoping I am sufficiently awake enough tomorrow to enjoy it.  

Oh, and my people of airports entry: dude getting his bag checked in front of me packed none of his liquids in a bag. None. Not shampoo or shave gel or the bottles of liquor the security guy wouldn't let him take or drink. He was baffled. He'd never had to do this before. He insisted he always flew like this and had never been told otherwise. I think it's possible the last time he flew, these rules were not in fact in place. It had been that long. 

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