Friday, September 18, 2015

Santorini is one of the circles of heaven

My left arm is sunburned. The other is not. Further proof that lefties can never catch a break?

Well, no, but excellent proof that if you hike for three hours with the sun always on your left, your left half gets a little more some. 

I finally got to hike! There's a path that leads from Fira to Oia, distance about 10 kilometers, that I wanted to do. (I'm in Santorini, by the way.) However, I was never able to track down good directions, primarily dealing with where it starts. I did know it was along the caldera the whole way, so I went to the old town and started in the general direction of Oia, sticking to the rim. 

This actually worked, though I didn't know that for sure until I was a couple miles in. So I walked to Oia. This was my view to the left:
That's the volcano. 

And this was a pretty standard view to the front:

And this was the view I went there for:
It was really beautiful. The water around Santorini is this deep blue, and then the sun sinking into it almost imperceptibly made it a special sight for me and a couple thousand of my closest friends.

Tourists annoy me so much. I realize that's wildly hypocritical, because I'm doing the exact same thing the rest are, but it's how I feel. And I think I'm way less annoying of a tourist. I don't have a selfie stick. I don't walk at the pace of a turtle, randomly stopping in front of people or taking up the whole sidewalk. I don't talk loudly or haul a suitcase up and down cobblestone sidewalks. 

No, you know what I do? I make everyone talk to me in English. I ask really stupid questions of bus drivers and people working at information booths. I walk around with a map stuck to my face. I go to the same on-the-beaten-path attractions. Yes, I am every bit as annoying as all the tourists who annoy me. I guess I'll just have to deal. 

Tomorrow I'm going to the black sand beaches on Perissa, the other side of the island, and maybe taking a boat out to the volcano. 

Another sunset picture for the road. 

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