Monday, September 14, 2015

Opportunity costs are higher in euros

In an episode of the sometimes sweet but ultimately ill-advised final season of "How I Met Your Mother," Barney and Robin point out several attractive, available friends and family members to Ted and suggest their favorite. He opts for someone else. 

At this point a guest star appears - not the beautiful woman he should have waited for, not The Rock. (Not sure what his role would be, but I feel he could work in anything.) No, remember in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," when the German guy is picking the Holy Grail? The white knight simply tells him to choose, then watches impassively as the dude drinks, smiles - and starts melting from every orifice in his body. 

"You chose," the knight intones, in a performance that deserves an Oscar, "poorly."

The knight shows up at the wedding. It's not good news for Ted. 

Guess who else chose poorly?

I debated not coming to Thessaloniki at all and spending more time among the ruins in southern Greece. But I liked that it was less touristy and I could look for a little more off the wall things to do. 

I should have just gone to the walls. Thessaloniki is boring and ugly. If you ever consider a vacation to Greece, I want you to think of me yelling, in a hoarse chain-smoking voice because that's how I sound after two days breathing this soup, "Do not go to Thessaloniki!"

We're done here. 

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