Thursday, September 10, 2015

Journey to the center of the world

Thank goodness for Google Maps. 

The app allows me to search for a route, pick the public transit option with very specific detail and then track the bus so I know when to push the button to get off. 

Actual Google Maps has been doing this for ages, but I just discovered the app yesterday. I'm a fan. I spent way less time lost today than anticipated. Of course, only part of that is the app. The other part is the town for which I left Athens has about 1,200 people and only a few streets, so my hotel was roughly 200 meters from the bus station. And the bus station was a cafe. 

Delphi is the center of the world for Greeks; it has something to do with a rock Zeus threw down that landed on the side of Mount Parnassus, high above the Gulf of Corinth. 

It's a beautiful little town, home to the temple of Apollo and a temple to Athena. The museum recreates as much of the temple artwork as possible. Plus, a worker told someone taking a picture not to pose in front of the objects. I don't know what the pose was, but I support the action. 

I also realized how much I miss the mountains. I didn't particularly enjoy them when I lived around them, but walking among these mountains reminded me they can be beautiful. 

I also remembered how much I like having my own room. I tell myself hostels are fun and it's good for me to be around people, but I have private rooms for the rest of the trip, and I'm very glad. 

Especially to have my own bathroom. Can you find the flusher? It took me a minute. 

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