Monday, September 7, 2015

I climbed the Acropolis and all I got was ...

A chance to see it with only a few hundred other tourists instead of a thousand. 

You guys. The Acropolis is so cool. It's not just the Parthenon. There are three other temples up there, plus two theaters along the side of the hill. You can see so much from up there: temples for Zeus and Hephaestus, the stadium, the sea. It's also about six steps away from Areopagus, where Paul taught. As in, the apostle. We studied it last week in Sunday school. 

Also, I have a raging headache. I thought it could be a mix of mild dehydration, going too long without eating and utter lack of sleep. I've taken care of the first two, so the third it is. 

Why dehydration? I cannot drink enough water to keep up with the sweating. It's hot, it's humid and I'm both walking and climbing hills. 

And I keep dosing off writing this so I should hurry, particularly since what's getting on the screen doesn't make much sense. 

After the Acropolis I went to the Acropolis Museum--new and great. I went in search of lunch; the restaurant I wanted didn't open for half an hour. I ate gelato in the park with a turtle before heading back. I got there at 1:05 and took it as a good sign that it was already half hull, even though it opened its doors five minutes prior. 

OK, I've now sat up. That should help me stay awake - for five minutes, and I post and call it a day. The Acropolis ticket includes tickets for a number of other ruins throughout the city. I'd planned to make them all today and didn't. I did, however, go to the Panathenaic Stadium. The first modern Olympics were played there in 1896. 

Sidebar: If we returned to the Olympics in their original form - nude men running and throwing javelins - would the games be easier or harder to get into a city?

Speaking of, I've now passed two shops selling carved wooden penises. Some are au naturel, others are painted rather garishly. New thing, or ...?

Fortunately, I was not perusing wooden penises when a woman approached me. She stood unnaturally close for a minute then said hello. I responded in kind and went back to looking. (At wooden spoons, I promise!) She then, I think, asked what kind of mood I'm in because she couldn't read me. My mood, so you don't have to read me, was irritation that every time I stopped to look at a display outside the store, a worker very conspicuously came to watch me like I'm going to steal something. I'm still trying to ignore her. Then she said, "Maybe you're tired because people keep trying to talk to you while you're shopping." Yup, could be it. She finally left me alone. I bought nothing. 

Another man made a fart noise at me when I wouldn't give him money. People are the best!

OK, people I actually like, I must go or who knows what I'll start saying. Tomorrow: climbing another hill and the National Archaeological Museum. 

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