Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Crete is going to be a good time

Today I got off the airplane, walked straight into the terminal and had to jog a bit to grab my bag before it went around the baggage carousel. The plane had been on the ground for 10 minutes. Ryanair, folks. 

I'm now on Crete, the largest of the Greek islands. I'm in Hania, in a guesthouse in which I arranged a room in two languages, neither of which was Greek. I emailed in English and she replied in German. (My name threw her off.) Fortunately I know enough words to know she had an open room. Then, and I am not kidding here, we recognized each other on the street when I was walking past lost for the second or third time. I recognized her from her website; she recognized me from my lost puppy face. I'm now staying in the room under the stairs, and I think I saw a spider earlier. I'm hoping to wake up in Hogwarts tomorrow. 

Today was not so bad of a day, Thessaloniki-wise. Given how low my expectations were, they were actually met and even exceeded - no, just met. I went to a couple of sights, tried to make them as interesting as possible then bought lunch, went to a park and read my book for a couple hours. The bay was nice to look at. Some dogs said hello. I got on the bus to the airport, arriving three and a half hours early, which I thought showed great restraint, and read my book. The airport is small enough that instead of jetways, the airplanes are parked several hundred meters away from the airport, and passengers show their tickets, go outside, get on a bus and are bused to the airplane. Even though mine was the only flight leaving at that time and I followed the people who were in front of me and there was no other bus to get on, I was immediately seized with the fear that I was on the wrong bus. And would end up on the wrong plane. I did not, for the aforementioned reasons and because a flight attendant checked all of our tickets as we got on. 

Also, Ryanair loads from the front and back doors simultaneously. Any chance we can look into that, every other airline?

Tomorrow I hike!

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