Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Three tanks, two theaters and a moral quandary

Riddle me this: If you are in a store that offers samples and you freely sample with no intention of purchasing anything, is this wrong?

I pondered this while wandering around Rustic Rob's in Fredericksburg, sampling dips, salsa, honey butter, peanut butter (with jalapeƱos--it's got a sneaker burn), jelly, butter, barbecue sauce, fudge, etc, etc. I bought nothing. I toyed with a few purchases, but I didn't want to pay $10 for a jar of sweet potato pecan butter that I'm pretty sure I would eat straight from the jar with a spoon long before I ever did anything with it. 

I only flirted with sin for a few minutes of my day, though. Fredericksburg is home to the National Museum of the Pacific War, which chronicles the four years between when Japan started World War 2 in Pearl Harbor in 1941 and we ended it in Nagasaki in 1945. Short of the bookends, I knew virtually nothing about that theater of World War 2. 

The Pacific Combat Zone has a memorial for the American servicemembers killed. It is a very large number. 

The PS 309 is one of the few torpedo boats that were once in service and have now been refurbished. With the sunset in the background you could almost overlook the two tons of torpedoes and the guns on every corner. 
This is an Avenger, the safest torpedo plane flown during World War 2. George H.W. Bush flew one during the war, and Paul Newman was a radio operator on one of these.

Also, because apparently I'm now a Trekkie, I saw a model of the USS Enterprise (aircraft carrier, not spacecraft, but still), and I walked past a torpedo without its ordnance and thought, "you could fit a human in there. You know, like Khan did." No Captain Kirk sightings, though. 

Plus, because Fredericksburg was settled by Germans, I wandered through Edelweiss Markt and Das Kuchen and Nimitzplatz and saw signs with bratwurst and wilkommen and was just happy inside. 

Happy new year! I hope 2015 brings to all three of my readers everything your stomach desires. And if the year doesn't, tell me what it is and maybe my kitchen will provide it for you. 

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