Monday, November 24, 2014

What has four paws and passed obedience school?

This girl!

 For the last seven weeks, Pippi and I have spent an hour every Monday night doing the Canine Good Citizen class. It's obedience training beyond sitting and staying for a couple of seconds while I dangle a treat just out of reach. It involved ignoring another dog who was in her circle and being petted without jumping on and/or (who am I kidding? It's always and) licking the petter. All this has been done under the eye of a teacher who literally made Pippi pee her pants with fear. (OK, she doesn't have pants, but the peeing part is literal.) It's been a rough seven weeks.

Look how bright her smile is! She's a good test-taker.

It's a pass or fail test; there are 10 tasks the dog has to do with some amount of precision. We started with No. 10, the hardest one -- leaving Pippi with a stranger while I left the room. For three minutes. This is hard not because I knew she'd cry and want to follow me out but because Pippi loves people. All people. She may actually love all people more than me, she's just around me more so the numbers balance out. I worried about the licking and the jumping. But she passed! After getting up once and talking up the stranger, she laid down and waited for me for the next two minutes.

Pippi didn't exactly sit straight, and she still kind of freaked out when the teacher came around (there was a teensy bit of peeing, but then another dog had diarrhea as he walked off the floor, so Pips' leakage looked quite mild by comparison), and I had to call her twice to come, but she came and she sat and she lay down and she walked and she passed! 

She's very excited. Can you tell she's excited? 
I'd like to say that she's a perfectly obedient dog and she comes when she's called and she doesn't chew everything around her and she doesn't dig through the trash to eat her vomit that I cleaned up this morning (dogs are SO gross), but we're still working on all of that. But she passed! And now I'm going to send off for her certificate so I can frame it and hang it in my living room and then I'll get a bumper sticker that says "My dog is an honor student," or maybe "My dog is cuter than your dog" or "My dog doesn't need a teacher, she's her own pointer." Hahahaha! Get it?

It's not funny. It's my bedtime.

Pippi passed!

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