Monday, September 1, 2014

Saturday night football! --> womp womp womp

I had lived in Lubbock again for about 18 hours when I bought season tickets for Texas Tech football. Excitement is an understatement.

As the months wore on (I bought them six months in advance) I wondered if that was really the best use to several hundred dollars. Those two tickets cost roughly the same as a plane ticket to Nicaragua. I got sad thinking about my lost vacation -- then realized had football season rolled around and I was not going to games, that also would have been sad. This is the definition of #firstworldproblems.

Saturday night was the first game. My seats were higher than I thought but basically on the 50-yard line, so I could see the entire field. Come October, when it's not hotter than Hades outside, it's going to be really good.

Is what I thought before the game started. Spoiler alert: Tech won, but it was not pretty. The team was losing through a good chunk of the first half. To Central Arkansas. A school I didn't know existed until I saw the football schedule. It hurt to watch. (Literally. Turns out sitting in a stadium chair for 4 hours hurts my old woman's body more than running 13 miles.) The defense seemed to not exactly be playing. The offense seemed, well, like they couldn't put plays together. They could catch or they could run, but not both. There was very little marching down the field in the first half. The second half improved, fortunately, and there were some legitimately good plays, but Tech still only won by a touchdown. In soccer terms, that's one point. That can disappear in a matter of a few seconds, and not even Kliff Kingsbury's magic Ray-Bans could fix it.

See that huge Double T? It's going away soon.

I have a theory as to what went wrong Saturday. I don't think it's lack of skill; I saw enough on the field to recognize those guys can do what they need to to beat more than just UTEP and Kansas, which is what I'm afraid of after this weekend. I'm chalking it up to a lack of experience -- Davis Webb is just a sophomore, and he didn't play the entire season last year -- and way too much pressure on the team. I don't mean pressure to win the game; there's always that, and they should feel it to win the game. But there's this expectation 'round here that this team is going to be worth a lot of attention, recognition and money. Why? For starters, season tickets sold out, for the first time in the school's history. Then on Friday morning, Tech announced a multimillion dollar campaign to redo the stadium, making it more like what you see in the bigger programs that we ache to compete with. On Friday evening, Tech announced it was extending Kingsbury's contract -- Kingsbury, who has coached one season, which turned out fairly well, but included a 5-game losing streak before they won the bowl game. Last year Tech's team won one game unexpectedly. It was the bowl game, which is the time to bring it, but if you're only beating the teams you're supposed to beat, you're not going to raise the program's profile much at all. 

Yes, that means it's time to beat Texas again already!

We maybe worship KK a wee bit too much here.
There cannot be that many of those shirts around anymore.


  1. I would say that you hit that nail right on the head Heidi.

  2. I love the Reagan Bush 84 shirt! It's twenty years old. That's history.