Sunday, May 11, 2014

Almost #sixseasonsandamovie

I found out on Friday "Community" had been canceled.

Because my Twitter feed is full of sort of geeky, weirdly humorous, news oriented people (also insert Facebook in there) my social media was immediately filled with people lamenting this sad fact. I think we all saw this coming (the show saw this coming -- every season ended with a finale that could double as the series finale if needed), but it's hard to say goodbye.

Largely because we didn't get to say goodbye. When "The Office" ended, I threw a party and planned Office-themed games. When "Friends" ended, I recorded the finale, watched it and cried. When "30 Rock" ended, I was so grateful that Liz found someone as weird and yet perfect for her househusband Criss. The only good thing about this finale was that the fifth season struggled, and I didn't want to watch the show try and hang on to what it used to be like an old person pretending to still be 25.

The good news, as Rachel pointed out, is there's now no reason for a Britta-Jeff sham wedding (although the season-now-series finale made it evident that Jeff and Annie were actually what the show was building toward). The other good news is they now don't have to invent a character for Abed that's not the other half of "Troy and Abed in the mor-ning!" Troy and Abed, singly, were two awkward mediocre characters. Troy and Abed together were the single best relationship I've seen on TV possibly ever.

I leave you, in your sorrow for "Community" and your secret hope that the movie happens when Troy comes back from his boat trip with Lavar Burton, with Abed.


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