Friday, April 4, 2014

Childbirth is just for women

In a world of increasing single parentage and fathers not being involved in their children's lives and boys and girls learning absolutely wrong ideas about good men, it's important to keep perspective: There are always people who would miss this if it were to go away

Talk radio hosts are slamming New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy for taking the legally allowed three days -- three days! -- of paternity leave to be his wife when she had their baby and the first critical days of his son's life. This caused him to miss the first two games of the Mets' season, which, although I'm not a baseball fan, I feel is pretty inconsequential considering the season ends about 150 games from now.

A couple of hosts suggested Murphy be there for the birth and then get back to New York. I mean, his wife doesn't really need him; she's got parents and nurses and probably a really nice hospital team since her husband is a Major League Baseball player. Why on earth would she need her life partner, the father of her newborn child, to be there in those first few days?

However, those radio hosts are the height of sensitive and caring compared to one host, who said Murphy should have told his wife she was having a C-section before the season started.

Here's how I imagine this scenario playing out:

Murphy: "Dear, your due date coincides with opening day. I've called the doctor and set up a needless and invasive surgery that will make your recovery so much harder, put you at greater risk of infection, leave you with a permanent scar and put our baby at greater risk by pulling him out early."

Mrs. Murphy: "Sure, dear. Where's your bat?"

This serves to highlight two issues: 1) As the non-child bearers, this probably isn't a discussion men should be having. And 2) It's pretty clear there is still a contingent of people who do not believe parenting rises to the level of importance as day jobs, particularly when that day job is professional sports.

I should add here: I don't think this is indicative of all men or even most men. The Mets and the MLB had no problem with Murphy taking this time off.

Which I suppose highlights a third issue: Talk radio is full of morons.

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