Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Let them eat what now?

So I started taking Buzzfeed's "When Will You Get Married?" quiz. A couple of questions in it became clear that you're supposed to take this quiz with a partner in mind, so I wasn't going to do well on it anyway, but then I got to this question:

What's the key part to any wedding?
A. Music
B. open bar
C. Connecting our famlies
D. Vows
E. Starting our life together
F. A fun reception

The secret correct answer? None of the above.

Hell-O! The key part to any wedding is the cake. It's why I go to weddings, and I mentally rate weddings by how good their cake is. I think wedding cake should be so good it's good 150 years later!

I did finish the quiz, albeit in a (more) sarcastic frame of mind. According to the sage of Buzzfeed, I may never get married. I'm not sure where this rates in the realm of BF quizzes, though; is it a 1 (what kind of food are you? A: Burrito) to 10 (what is your favorite color? A: they only ask one question, and that question is, what is your favorite color?) Any advice would be appreciated.

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