Friday, December 20, 2013

Challenge accepted

The other day my mom mentioned to me that someone made chocolate pumpkin bread and it was delicious. Obviously this was a not so subtle hint that we needed to have our own chocolate pumpkin bread. So we did.

I so much enjoyed the double-decker bread that I decided to not stop there. Triple decker bread! Quadruple decker bread! Quintuple ... OK, let's just settle down there, Toth.

But the first one, that was worth considering. I debated cranberry and poppy seed bread, which we have made recently and which are both really good. But they didn't seem like just the right fit to go with the chocolate and pumpkin. I briefly considered strawberry. (More on that later.)

Then I settled on coconut bread. I love coconut. If I had a scratch and sniff map of the United States, I imagine Hawaii would smell like coconut. It is good toasted, fresh, sweetened and in baked goods, and I think it's somewhat unappreciated. So I found a recipe for coconut bread that cooked for about the same time as the chocolate pumpkin bread. I made them both, layered them, put them in the oven and hoped and prayed that the finished product was somewhat close to as good as I was imagining it.

It totally was. It is taking actual effort to stop myself from diving into loaf No. 2. My next idea: layers of raspberry, blueberry and strawberry bread. My only dilemma: do I wait until later, or start on it now and assume I will have eaten the other two loves of bread by the time the berrytravaganza comes out of the oven?

Isn't it pretty?

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