Monday, November 25, 2013

Don't waste the pretty

You know how you're flipping through Bing or Buzzfeed or whatever and see those gorgeous photos of places you should go or unbelievable views or perfect sunsets? I love those photos. I click through all of them.

So when you give me a camera and put me somewhere pretty, I see these pretty pictures everywhere! The problem is, I'm not exactly, well, any of my photographer friends who do get pictures that look like you're looking at the real thing. As such, on some of these you just have to look at them and imagine that they were taken with a really good camera by a really good photographer.

Stephansdom (St. Stephen's Cathedral) in Vienna
Moonscape! What is with clouds and celestial orbs that are just so snapworthy? And it wasn't just me. There were lots of other silly tourists taking pictures. 

The tower of the Cesky Krumlov Castle on the day I left the Czech Republic. It was so foggy on the last day that this was barely visible. It's so ghostly.

Vineyards in the Rheingau in Bacharach. Still about the most beautiful place I've ever been. Budapest and western Ireland did give it a run for its money, though.
I wish the vineyards had had grape juice tours, because I would have gone on all of them.


So, can you tell what's going on here? There's an old church building, which has been around for centuries, and then the TV Tower, a Communist relic, right behind it. They line up perfectly! It's really awesome. I don't know why. It just is. Don't argue with me.

Freiburg-im-Bresgau, Germany (the Black Forest)

The Black Forest was white the first day I was there. The clouds came and went, I got snowed on a few times, I may have lost feeling in my fingers once or twice. But look at the pretty red tree!

Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest
I mean, it's Budapest, so there's the first pro. And then there are the spires, the sunset (I'm one of those people on Instagram the Internet warns you about -- all sunsets and food!). Oh, and did I mention it's in Hungary?

Lake Balaton, Hungary

My first day in Hungary, as I mentioned on my first day in Hungary, wasn't exactly promising. But the next morning I woke up, walked around Kezthely, ate breakfast and went out on Lake Balaton. Balaton is really quite nice. I particularly enjoyed, as you can see, the way the sun reflects on the water like aquatic diamonds. (Yes, I really had this conversation with myself when I took the picture. This is one problem with traveling solo. You talk to yourself. A lot.)

Amsterdam. The sky looks like it's on fire!

Ah yes, another sunset. It's like Mordor! If, you know, there were no elves or orcs or whatever else lives in Middle Earth.

Maastricht, the Netherlands

This totally looks like a different time, right? It's like I went to visit the 1800s. Maastricht is a walled city, though there are only a few walls and gates left. At one point there's a pond outside, and it looks like a moat. Which it probably was at one time.

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