Monday, October 28, 2013

You open the door first

You know what's really fun to do in Prague? Run around it. 

I did a trail running tour this morning. Rachel mentioned that she'd heard of running tours and then I pocketed a flier in Budapest, then I arrived in Prague and discovered the company on my map. I looked it up and thought, "That's really expensive, especially considering I'm doing all the work." 

Then I emailed them. Some things are no brainers. Running is one of them. So is chocolate. More on that later. 

All the company's tours are private; they don't want to stick a dozen people of varying paces with one guide who has responsibility for all of them. They did have availability for today. I signed up and then wondered if this was really a good idea. Running with other people usually means I work harder. This is, oddly enough, harder. 

We went -- with two guides, actually; one needed to learn the trail -- out to a national park near the Communist part of Prague. And we ran. I don't know how much they slowed their normal pace for me, but I was feeling pretty good with mine. And it was beautiful. 

Then I hit the town square and climbed up to a miniature Eiffel Tower, then imbed up that. At some point my body registered a protest; it had already run seven miles of trail. At some point I had to give it a break. 

Then I found a chocolate shop. It came with a chocolate museum, and I was standing in line to buy that ticket when I realized a) I'd already been to a chocolate museum; how new could this be? And b) if I didn't go to the museum, I could spend that money on chocolate. I opted for that. 

This also enabled me to discover the erotic section of the chocolate shop. Penises, breasts and more filled several rows. I wanted an excuse to buy one. I tried to imagine the look on the customs officer's face when he got to "phallic comfectionaries" on my declaration. But I did not. Yet. I'm still here tomorrow. 

The Lennon Wall, named after John Lennon but to commemorate the fall of Communism

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