Thursday, October 31, 2013

The joy of passing the 12-minute mark

I'm pretty sure the washing machine next to mine tonight was 90 percent soap suds and 10 percent clothes. It was kind of mesmerizing. 

I am in Berlin. Today was a fair amount of travel (I watched "Crazy, Stupid Love" on the bus -- why have none of you ever told me how good it was?) then, upon getting to Berlin in the dark (because of Daylight Savings Time; one of these days, my friends, I will have a story for you) discovered a man who grew up in Berlin during World War II and then escaped East Berlin during the Soviet regime was speaking nearby in half an hour, and went to that. It was interesting, but unsurprisingly sad. He had a Jewish friend who survived the Holocaust, along with his brother and father. They were ashamed of their survival. Their mother and sister died in Auschwitz. 

The lights totally just went out in the laundromat. Halloween trick? 

The weird moment of the night came when the woman sitting next to me turned to me and asked if if understood him. He spoke in English, which he struggled with sometimes but was still quite clear. She looked surprised when I said yes. I had not said a word up to this point, so she had no idea what my native language was. It was odd. Of course, she also corrected his English under her breath.

The weird moment of the day came in a Prague metro station. While switching trains, a train employee stopped me and asked to see my ticket. This has never happened before, anywhere I've been, and I'm pretty sure it's unusual in Prague because he stopped a couple and they argued with him. I stood there with my ticket held out, wanting to not get in trouble and to go. There's also a chance he profiled me: goofy tourist=probably stealing from the metro. But oh well. I rushed to the train station, checking my watch every two minutes, only to find my train was half an hour late. 

Then I listened to "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" on the train and learned that Kimye is engaged. Yay. I sort of wonder if she's just a product of public attention. I think she might just disappear if people stopped caring. We should try it and find out. 

Lord of the Rings hostel. Although Rachel tells me there are no dragons in Lord of the Rings..

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