Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The hills are alive -- it's kind of disturbing

I'm watching "The Sound of Music" and looking for all the places I saw today. It makes the movie even better.

In addition to my self-guided Sound of Music tour (it comes with a bonus; I saw lots of extra stuff while trying to get unlost), I went to the Festungs Hohensalzburg (fortress on the hill), the Residenz, the cathedral and a nice bike ride down the river. I also, while looking for the gazebo from the movie went to the Schloss Hellbrunn, a summer palace with trick fountains. 

The tour guide probably enjoys his job just a leetle too much. 

The whole place was designed by a prince archbishop who, the guide said rather eloquently, "had a sense of humor." He liked to surprise his guests -- with a shower. 

But, while my day was good and you know I'm a Sound of Music geek, I don't really have a lot to say. It's one of those days. So I'll keep it short. 

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