Sunday, October 13, 2013

Munich and I are in a cat fight

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls --today I went to a museum that housed the most beautiful art in the world. Art I'd rather have more than any other. Beauty so sleek I could just cry when I looked at it.

The BMW museum. It's where dreams come true. (Actually it's where one very specific dream is shattered, but there you go.)

Last year when I went to Germany this museum was at the top of my list of things to do. Unbeknownst to me, however, museums in Germany are closed on Monday, and I didn't get to go. I did go to the Welt (pronounced velt), but no museum. I was determined to rectify that this time. 

Before this happened, I spent six hours on a train cursing Munich. For some reason that I never learned, we were 80 minutes late getting to Munich. We were seven minutes late leaving Mannheim. The delay happened around Stuttgart, when we just stopped. And sat there. For a very long time. We finally got going again, I'm measuring the amount if time I'll have, and outside of Augsburg we again stop and sit. I'm quietly stewing in my seat. At this same time I'm listening to a podcast of general conference; I couldn't make church work today in either Freiburg or Munich. There's a nice talk about how the speaker's family always goes to all three hours of church when they're on vacation. I'm feeling pretty good about life right about now. 

Last year the only substantial train delay I had was going into Munich. I'm wondering if the city's cursed. 

Eventually the train pulls into Munich, and I have enough time to lock up my luggage and get on the subway and hit the museum and the Welt, then go back to the train station for another trip, this one to Innsbruck. 

All of this just to go to the BMW museum. I'm a little proud of my obsessiveness. 

But anyway, I'm in Austria! I couldn't swear to it because I got here in the dark, but I'm fairly certain I'm surrounded by mountains. I know this because you can kind of see them, even in the dark, the hostel owner pointed out hiking trails in the mountains, and the Winter Okympics have been held here. I'm kinda thinking you need some mountains for that. 

Also, I did not once get lost looking for my hostel tonight. I feel that's worth a mention. I'm staying in this old building that's kind of been cobbled together. I passed a wrought iron door in the hallway. My guidebook recommended this place but I couldn't make a reservation, so I wandered the dark streets hoping there was a bed. I knew the youth hostel here had open beds, but getting there involved taking a bus, and if I could not do that it would be good. 

However, I am reaping the benefits of the off season. I'm sharing a four-person room with one other person. If course, he has six bags. He might be moving in. 

Also, as a foreigner I notice strange things about Europe. Like the way the toilets flush. Yesterday I jumped because I thought the toilet was spitting at me as it flushed. I've spent much more time than is normal trying to make toilets flush. 

And there are the sheets. One hostel actually explained it, but I figured it out because I realized my roommates' beds looked rather neater than mine. Instead of new blankets or comforters, you get comforter covers, much like a pillow case. Stuffing them can be a little complicated. 

All right, party's over. I need to figure out how much of my day I'm going to spend hiking and if I really want to inquire about whitewater rafting. 

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