Friday, October 25, 2013

Making the trains run on time

I was really traumatized by my train trip to Munich last year, when there was an accident on the track ahead and we all had to get off the train in Middle of Nowheresville, Germany, and get on another train and I had no idea what was going on. 

The result of this is that every time my train stops for longer than five minutes, I get anxious. Is something wrong? Am I going to have to switch trains? Are they hooking up a new engine and sending me off to Edge of Nowheresville?

This is where I found myself tonight -- somewhere in the Czech Republic, train just sitting, unintelligible announcements. To make it worse, I'd been traveling for 11 hours and still had an hour or so to go. I just wanted to be in Prague not on a train, and instead I'm sitting there going nowhere, screaming to myself, "Start the **** train!"

Eventually someone heard me and I am in fact in Prague and off the train. 

And I have a confession -- I hate Prague. 

I am quite certain this will have passed by the time I hit the streets tomorrow morning. I've only been here two hours, and the irrational hate has to do with the train being late and then spending an hour wandering 100 square meters trying to figure out where I'm going and where I am, in that order. (I know what you're all thinking, but I really did get bad, or at least incomplete directions. It wasn't all me.) So it's 10:30 p.m., new city, weird language, no street signs, but there are signs everywhere about pickpocketers, so I'm on big alert and thus afraid to ask anyone for help, and I didn't want to take a taxi because I was sure I could do this and I didn't want to pay $20 to be driven seven feet. 

I did eventually do it, once I'd figured out my little phone map. My backpack weighed about 1,000 pounds, but no big deal, it's coming off. Then I got to my room and realized I would rather share a room with boys. They smell bad, but they're a lot less messy, or they contain the mess better. Girls spread out. 

Anyway, cranky is my natural habitat, so you knew there had to be some at some point. Tomorrow I get to explore Prague!

The only part of Prague I've seen. It's a church. You now have as much information about it as I do.

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