Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Germany is better than Disneyland

I knew the moment I crossed the border from the Netherlands into Germany.

No, really, I did. It's because I lost internet service on the train at the border. 

I'm in Bacharach tonight, a town of 2,000 people and probably 10,000 tourists. They have a castle that's a hostel. I actually planned to stay in that hostel. 

That was before the Internet told me this morning that I couldn't book a room there and today was unusually busy for Bacharach. I emailed the hostel to find out. Then I started looking around, because I kind of wanted a bed tonight. I'm a little spoiled like that. I found a B&B and booked it. 

I did this without mapping it. It's almost two miles away from the train station. Two miles, I suspected, that was mostly up. Then I got a reply from the hostel -- it did have beds. The cancellation policy for my newly booked room? Two days in advance. 

I walked the two miles. The whole way I saw signs for open rooms. I feel like the Internet lied to me. 

I'll admit, as I sit here on a big bed, watching CNN (I caught President Obama's press conference live), about seven steps away from the largest bathroom I've ever had in Europe, I'm OK with the minor inconvenience. Although the walk to the hostel is much shorter, it is steep. I walked it while walking around the city's walls. Then I went hiking -- up. And up. Once I got to the top it was a pleasant walk, but getting there was a pretty intense calf strengthener. 

Tomorrow I'll be renting a bike and riding along the Rhine. I am inordinately excited. I also may be blow drying my clothes if they don't dry overnight. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Heidi, you are home!!! I'm assuming this picture is the B&B where you ended up? It looks Disney-magical—like you should be sharing a room with seven men and a few singing animals. Or was that the hostel? ;-) I'm excited to hear about the Rhine. I've seen it mentioned in books but always find myself picturing the Mississippi because it's one of the only "real" rivers I've explored, being a western desert rat and all. "Die Abenteuer des Tom Sawyer" does have a nice ring to it... lol...