Friday, October 4, 2013

Chocolate > diamonds

Will you judge me if I tell you I walked right past the Vincent Van Gogh museum on my way to a diamond museum?

Here's the thing -- I struggle with art. I just don't find art museums that interesting, largely, I'm sure, because I don't understand or appreciate the intricacies of art. I don't know how important or well done something is, I only know if I like it or not. 

Which is why, after more than two hours at the Rijksmuseum, which is mostly art, with some dresses, porcelain, weaponry and a couple dollhouses thrown in, I was done with art. I did manage to see "Night Watch," a famous Rembrandt that I heard of for the first time yesterday, because during World War II it and other important paintings were stored in a vault underneath Maastricht to protect them from the Nazis. I'm just not that cultured when it comes to traditional art. 

When it comes to culinary art, though, I am all in. I asked Google before I left about top chocolatiers in the places I'm visiting. Amsterdam has one -- Puccini Bombini. It was on a top 10 list, though not No. 1. 

Let me tell you, the fact that it was not top of the list makes me so happy, because that means there are more delicious chocolates than the mouthwateringly scrumptious bites of awesome I ate. Each piece of chocolate cost me more than some of the meals I've eaten. It is an eminently more worthwhile use of my funds. 

Today I also went to the Anne Frank House. It's hard to describe what it felt like. The rooms where the eight people lived are not furnished; Otto Frank, Anne's father and the sole survivor, wanted them to remain empty to symbolize the lives lost. There is a picture in the last room of him standing in there after the war ended. He has lost everything. Standing in there, you cannot help but feel shame for a society that sat back and allowed such a thing to happen. 

I ended the evening with a boat tour of the canals. You all know how I feel about boats, and the city lit up is really beautiful.  The only problem was I sat on the same side as I did the plane two days ago and the train yesterday, and I'm pretty sure my neck will be permanently twisted to the right if I don't mix things up soon. 

"Night Watch"

Replicas of the most famous diamonds in the world. After the diamond museum, I went to a diamond shop. I'm not sure I could even afford to be in the Tiffany's room. 

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  1. What we need to do is find you an art museum about chocolate!!!! Surely paintings of cocoa creations would be intellectually palatable ;-)