Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cake -- it's what's for lunch

I just can't get used to idly looking out my window and seeing butts. And I'm afraid that to get used to it, I'd have to stare until I was fine with it, and that just doesn't seem like the best idea either. 

But there was very little nudity in my day. Very little, because for most of it I was up in the mountains and wearing five shirts and/or jackets so the Black Forest autumn didn't freeze me out. I actually had to go to the store yesterday for an extra layer, hat and gloves. 

However, as much as I don't like cold, that had never stopped me from hiking. (Even when it probably should have. One time my friend Jon and I decided to go hiking, and the day arrived and it was snowing. Heavily. So what did we do? Drove out to Antelope Island and picked their longest trail. At least we thought it was a trail.)

The largest waterfalls in Germany are in Triberg, so named because it sits between three peaks. It also boasts the world's largest cuckoo clock, which is appropriate, and original recipe Black Forest cake. I debated going into every restaurant that advertised that and ordering a piece from each, just to see how they all compared. I settled for just one piece, though. And I made myself wait until after I'd climbed a couple hundred meters to the top of the falls before getting cake. It was my reward. Plus I didn't feel like getting sick on Black Forest cake halfway up. 

Can I also say, I am surprised by how much sleeping happens at hostels? I guess up to this point I'd kind of pictured them as party places where college students and teenagers were staying out partying but still getting up to go see the world. Nope. I have always been the first person awake in my room, and I have regularly been the last one in. It's very odd -- not so much the getting up part, but definitely the going to bed part. Or maybe I'm just staying in the wrong hostels. 

Then again, as annoying as it is to get ready for bed in the dark, it's a little fun being the night owl. 

As for tomorrow -- oh, tomorrow. I've been looking forward to you for a year. 

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  1. Wait, what's going on tomorrow?! The suspense is killing me...