Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kids -- they're walking punch lines

One of the Sunbeams asked me really excited if I was going to the ward campout on Friday. Fortunately, I have a couple of legitimate scheduling conflicts that preclude me from having to tell me that sleeping on the ground while surrounded by other people's children sounds rather hellish.

But after that, we moved on to Primary and talking about families. This went marvelously well. It helps that I have a lot in common with the Primary kids; when a leader asked who wanted to one day have their own family I got to raise my hands right along with them.

Assignment: draw a picture of your family.

The three 4-year-olds around me immediately get to work. The one on my right draws for a minute and then tells me he doesn't know how to draw his family.

"What is this?" I ask, pointing to what appears to be a person on his piece of paper.

"A blind man."

"Well, draw a man who isn't blind and that can be your dad."

"But I don't know how!"

The girl next to him drew a giant. She was called on to go to the front of the room and share her picture. The teacher, after asking what the picture was, had to follow up with, "Is there a giant in your family?"


After moving on from the blind man, the boy started drawing a machine that shoots rockets. Or rocks. Or something else entirely. Once he saw his friend's giant, he wanted me to draw one for him. I told him to draw one. His friend drew one for him.

"Do you want a kissing giant," this little 4-year-old, who shouldn't know how to speak coyly, asked.

"No, I want a mean giant! That shoots bubbles."

No word yet on just how this mean giant is going to maintain his street cred while shooting bubbles.

Then, when I took the kids to get a drink and they were extremely loud and incredibly irreverent, this very loud woman took it upon herself to give them a very loud lecture on being patient and not hogging all the water. I ignored her with difficulty. The kids ignored her with no difficulty whatsoever. That did not stop her from talking very loudly.

Class went normally until the closing prayer. The boy who doesn't know how to draw a not blind man was giving it. He said, and I quote, "We're thankful for the food. We don't have any food right now, though."


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