Saturday, June 15, 2013

Endings rock

There were three really great moments in my day on Thursday. All of them were great only because they signified the end of something awful.

The first was after a 5.5-hour hike, when I saw the parking lot and realizing the hike was over. It would have been more glorious if I wasn't so tired.
Halfway done. We were supposed to be back to the car by the time we got here.
Amie and I are going hiking once a week this summer. Last time we went to Rock Canyon, which was harder than we expected because it's just a lot of uphill at one time. This time we found what sounded like a beautiful hike to an area neither of us had been. It involved hiking the Y which, if you've never done it, is really, really bad, but then it continued into a nice canyon.

The problem was, it continued much farther into said nice canyon for much, much longer than we thought. We were not prepared, either with enough water or with the mental preparation needed to hike uphill for three hours and then pick our way down a "taxing" descent. In about 90-degree heat.

Did I mention Amie had a 14-month-old on her back?

Then, after being late for work, getting ready for work in 13 minutes, eating Goldfish and granola bars for lunch and discovering I'd sunburned my head again, for about the sixth time this summer (which actually starts in a week), the Daily Herald lost power. For two and a half hours. When we were on deadline and I had a lot of work to do. While there was a fire going on. The reporter made his calls in the dark, I typed up stories and tweets on an iPad.

The second great moment was when I was on the phone with the reporter, taking notes by the light of the iPad, when the lights came up. I shrieked. He may have temporarily lost hearing.

The third came somewhere around 11 p.m. when the most beautiful tweet of all time popped up on my screen: "Saratoga Springs fire is contained." Last year, you see, Saratoga Springs on the west side of Utah Lake was pretty much on fire for three straight months. So when a coworker called right after the lights came on to tell me that there was a fire in Saratoga Springs on the already burned area, it would have ruined my day if the power outage hadn't done that already. For 30 minutes I called everybody I could think of who might know what was going on with the fire and scoured Facebook and Twitter for information. And I dreamed about my bed. Oh, how I dreamed about my bed. So when that glorious tweet crossed my desk, well, it was a great moment.

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