Tuesday, June 25, 2013

16 months

That is the longest I've lived anywhere in my adult life. For 16 months after moving to Provo I lived by myself; then I decided to go on a mission and moved in with some friends both to save money and to get used to having people around.

I figured it out once; my average time spent in an abode is eight months, three weeks. It's probably a little higher now, but considering I moved away from home 13 years ago that's really not very good. I've just always been a nomad. My lease runs out, I leave. I've never liked roots. They're hard to get out of the ground.

I'm going to surpass my record in my current home, but only by three weeks, and then once again I'll be exercising my packing prowess and starting over. The landlord has some family coming into town who need to live there, so Krista, Mary Lu and I are breaking up our little household.

While part of me is annoyed at the one more aspect of my life over which I seem to have lost control, more than anything else this is forcing my hand. I need to make some decisions. I've been hoping that as I waited more concrete options would arise, but the fact is that choice has planted itself directly in front of me and demanded a direction. There are ways I could avoid it for now — and I'm still thinking about those ways — but there's no more ignoring it. It's crunch time.

My hope is that I will come out of my Decision as successfully as LeBron James came out of his.

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