Friday, May 10, 2013

Truer words were never spoken

"Heidi Toth is an angry woman."

The newsroom assistant came back to my desk today to tell me about a call she'd just fielded. A subscriber had just canceled his subscription and he wanted to explain why. There were two major reasons: 1) We were either "aping the AP" or 2) only running stories on gay marriage.

(I will note that he is suffering from the unfortunately common affliction known as hyperbolitis, wherein your brain cannot distinguish between facts and hyperbole, and you actually start to think that because something happened once that it's all that happens ever. There's no known cure. It's really quite tragic.)

Anyway, then he says, "Heidi Toth is an angry woman."

To be fair, that's the truest, most unvarnished complaint there's ever been about me. I am angry. I'm angry that people cancel their subscriptions because the fact that someone has a differing opinion offends them. I'm angry that I'm tired all the time. I'm angry that people think critiquing my job performance is acceptable. Do I go into your office and tell you you're doing your job wrong? I'm angry every time someone calls me to ask me how to use the Internet. I'm angry that every time my phone rings and I'm not at work, I cringe because I'm afraid it is work.

So yes, Mr. Former Subscriber, I am an angry woman. However, writing about sex education in Utah and the atrocity that is any lesson that makes a girl feel dirty and less valued is not what makes me an angry woman. So good night, good luck and have a nice life. I'm not even a little bit sorry to see you go.

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