Thursday, May 16, 2013

Be careful what you click

You know how sometimes you're on the Internet and you see a link for a quiz you can take that will tell you something highly critical to your self-awareness, like what Disney turtle or teenage mutant ninja princess you are. If you're like me, you see those and roll your eyes about how ridiculous they are.

And then, inexplicably, you click on that link.

So last night I'm taking this quiz to find out my perfect career. It asked a bunch of questions that had very little to do with skills and a lot to do with people and how much I liked them.

That went really well.

Yes, I got my top 10 best jobs for my body type back. On that list:

1. Copywriter
2. Entrepreneur
3. Loan Officer
4. Sales Representative
5. Air Traffic Controller
6. Correctional Officer
7. Border Patrol Agent
8. Salesperson
9. Production Planner
10. Architect
Uh, correctional officer? What on earth did I answer that made this algorithm think that I would be a good correctional officer? My ability to handle difficult people? My unadulterated love of guns? My need for a job that seems either indescribably dull or very, very bad?
So ... basically I lied on my answers to this silly quiz, because there is no way law enforcement or sales are anywhere are my "good careers" list. Too bad teenage mutant ninja princess isn't a possibility.

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