Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's been a food weekend

The other day I was talking to a coworker about how I never forget a meal. To my recollection, it has never happened. I have occasionally skipped meals, but I have never gotten to dinner and realized I forgot lunch.
The reason, I said, was because I believe that good relationships require prioritizing. And I have a good relationship with food. Why? Because I make it a priority. Because I cannot live without it. Because I seriously love food. Also because I would die of starvation, but mostly the first one.
My St. Patrick's Day dinner was 25 percent Irish, 75 percent Italian and 100 percent brought to you by Jimmy Fallon. It had cabbage and fettucine and spicy Italian sausage and cheese and the kind of tomato sauce that you will never find in a can and so dang good that the two hours I spent at the stove felt like nothing compared to the foodgasm going in my kitchen.
When I bought my KitchenAid (the other love of my life) I got a year's subscription to Food and Wine magazine. I haven't made that much from it because most of the recipes are really rich and complicated. But I've also made some really delicious dishes.
The magazine had a picture of Jimmy Fallon and Mario Batali taking a bite. I wanted one of my own. And yes, this recipe was inspired by Jimmy Fallon. Batali, who's a famous chef, added the cabbage and put it together to celebrate Fallon's Irish heritage. I am not Irish. I just like food.
Then I decided to go ahead and make dessert, because it's Sunday and in the Toth house growing up we had dessert on Sunday. (I did not keep up the Toth tradition of only having dessert on Sunday.) I made strawberry orange bars; these were partly from a food magazine recipe (love those things) and partly making up for the fact that I didn't have all the ingredients for any of their recipes but I could totally change things up according to my liking. It was fun. Playing in the kitchen is like going to DisneyLand.
These were pretty good -- less orangey than I hoped, and also less red than I hoped -- I mean really, is anything better than bright red food? I submit to you that there is not. But they were a little too gelatin-like. And I do not like Jell-O. So this could be a problem.
You'll just have to take my word on this, but that is one egg. As in, two yolks, one egg. Twins!
On Saturday night Rachel and I went to this really expensive steakhouse and ordered salads. ($38.50 for a steak? That thing better still be mooing and producing milk.) We discovered that while their salads are only fine, their baked Brie is so good I sort of felt like we were doing something wrong. And then came the creme brulee. With Chantilly whipped cream. (We may have eaten the whipped cream with our spoons.) I briefly considered licking the brulee dish, but it was a nice restaurant and Rachel had driven, so I didn't want her to pretend she didn't know me and leave me there.

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