Tuesday, March 26, 2013

If you won't say it out loud ...

We received a lovely handwritten letter yesterday. I'm reproducing it word for word but with corrected spelling and grammar 'cause I'm anal like that. But I'm not going to comment on it. I just can't right now.
"I have just read "Left in Utah" on page A6 of the March 21, 2013, issue of the Herald. The message of that article is offensive to any individual who abhors the standards of Sodom and Gommorah. To say that gay marriage should be allowed is to say that we shouldn't be offended by two men or two women kissing in public. Next you might allow someone to publish an article suggesting that the executed of unwanted babies is legitimate in the name of free sex.

Earlier your paper suggested that women should wear pants to church. Of course it's better for them to come in pants then to not come at all. But for women to dress as a man in improper places is to lower the moral pedestal that most wise people place women on.

I have purchased the Herald for many years. I used to rejoice with its moral standards. But you the publishers and editors in giving voice to standards that lean toward Sodom and Gommorah are allowing a voice that is becoming offensive to the readers in Utah County. I own a business where many men come and read your paper. But if your paper continues in your unwise direction I will instead purchase the Deseret News and when they ask where the Herald is I will have to tell them your paper has given too much voice to the standards of Sodom and Gommorah. Remember if you are not wise it will lead to your paper's demise.

P.S. This is not to be printed but it is a word of wisdom to the publishers and editors to the Daily Herald."

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  1. A) We should go to church in pants, then not go at all. Particularly if it runs over :). B) I hope you guys print this. Let her know what a letter to the editor means. C) We shouldn't be offended by two men or two women kissing in public. Or maybe we should be offended by anybody kissing in public, b/c really, nobody wants to see that.