Friday, February 1, 2013

Small town Friday night

I love small towns.

I'm not sure I could ever live in one, but I love visiting them. You can walk pretty much everywhere, the decor is random and vintage and only makes sense to the person who put it up and there's just a sense of personality that is decidedly lacking in larger burgs.

And that's where I find myself on this fine night -- sitting in a restaurant, using a red bandana for a napkin, watching motocross and sitting at a table with a tile T-Rex decorating it.

I'm feeling pretty good about life right now.

This trip was not supposed to be solo, but a last-minute family emergency required my traveling companion to cancel. I, badly needing to get out of the frigid haze of Utah Valley (and I'm not just talking about weather or air quality here) decided to come anyway.

And that's how I ended up people watching in the "adult section" of this downtown Moab establishment. Moab, for anyone who's unfamiliar with the state, is in Utah in geography only. It's actually full of hipsters, hippies, hikers, liberal arts majors, environmentalists, actual liberals and whatever the Moab equivalent of a beach or ski bum is. I just ordered a tree hugger pizza. The waitress even calls me by name. Of course, that name is sweetie, and I have to share it with everyone, but still. I think she's sincere. :)

Yeah, this is my happy place.

 My next stop is the hot tub, which, thank goodness, is outside. (Before you roll your eyes, have you ever been in an outside hot tub when it's freezing outside? It is magical.) I almost didn't find it; I opened the door to the pool, which has a temporary building constructed on top of it, and the white canvas really holds in the sickly green light and mist rising off the pool, projecting an image that I'm pretty sure is the opening scene to a horror movie. But I persevered, discovered the hot tub (which unfortunately is filled with people, and you all know how I love to share) and I'm getting in the hot tub. Then tomorrow brings the red rocks!

I feel kind of upper class staying in this hotel.
Tree hugger pizza. As delicious as it is environmentally aware.

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