Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Never try to outwit a 7-year-old

My mom is in the frontwoods of West Virginia right now, ostensibly taking care of my recently-separated-from-her-tonsils sister but really just taking advantage of the opportunity to spoil her grandsons. These, I should note, are the same grandsons who can beat me at Angry Birds. In a minute. Without even trying.

Well, Mark got a hold of my mom's cell phone yesterday and we had a long text session, filled with gibberish, lots of smiley faces, some references to bodily functions and Mark telling me he spoke Klingon. He also at some point added some Chinese characters.

Well, this morning we resumed the textversation. He sent me a hug and a kiss, told me to STOP NOW and engaged in what I can only assume are sly insults in Klingon. I figured I'd outsmart him, so I found the language section in my phone and changed it to what I think is Arabic, then went back and texted him, feeling pretty pleased with my technosavvy.

Until I realized that this is what my phone looked like:

"Yeah, who's smart now, Aunt Heidi?" Is what Mark would have been saying if he'd been here
I spent a frantic 10 minutes wherein I tried to retrace the exact steps I'd taken to turn my phone to a language that has a completely different alphabet that my brain doesn't even recognize as letters. I knew I was where I needed to be, and I swear I clicked on every single option and did not find a friendly, familiar list of languages. I wondered if I could Google these words and find out what they meant. I kept hitting things and even turned a couple of features on and off to see what would happen before realizing that a) you don't turn off the language, you pick another one, and b) I probably shouldn't be disabling features on my phone when I have no idea what they are.

"Hahahahaha! Yeah, try that one. That'll do the trick. Also, you do know smart phones don't work by osmosis, right?" Is what my smart phone was snickering
Meanwhile, people just kept texting me. Mark, sure, he was fine. But a reporter and a photorapher both texted me. I had actual work to do and could not get out of my self-laid trap! I ended up Googling "how to change languages on in iphone," since, you know, you can find anything on the Internet and discovered that Apple itself had a page entitled "How to change the language when it's set to one you don't understand." And it has pictures. So apparently I'm not the first moron who thought this would be a funny joke.
In my defense, it was a pretty funny joke. The punch line was just a little different than I expected.

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  1. Sounds funny to me! At least you had the brains to try and fix it yourself. I'm impressed. Most everyone I know would have come running to me, and I would have gone the route you did!

    Congrats, you are one step closer to becoming an IT person!