Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's ba-ack!

I'm doing online dating again.

I know, I know. I hated it last time, it kind of made me miserable some days, it made me think that men in fact are cads. I disliked it so much, in fact, that when I got on to the website I only filled it out halfway before I had to take a break.

But I got back on officially tonight — meaning my credit card has now been charged, so this cheapskate has to get her money's worth. I eschewed the religiously themed website and went for, which apparently is really super big and theoretically will help my odds in finding Mr. Also Broken.

Or it will freshen up the online dating section of this blog.

Anyway, so I'm on there filling out my profile, giving this website the information that it needs to make me one half of that annoying couple you always see on their silly commercials. And in light of the seriousness of that, what question does it ask right after height and hair color?

What is your sign?

Seriously? We're still using that? Can someone please explain to me how being a Pisces defines me and the person with whom I should settle down, have children and a dog and share a kitchen forever?

Fortunately, I'm an adult and I handled it very maturely. I skipped the question.

Then it asked me for a headline. I can't decide if the headline I settled on will be quirkily funny and attract men who are more likely to get me, or if I'll just come across as a weirdo.

Barefoot storyteller looking for a good character

I will probably never let on just how true that is. Only you lucky blog readers will know how good a character each one turns out to be.

And finally, it gave me a huge space to write my introduction and then told me, "Don't overthink it." Well, it's a little too late for that. I think eventually I'll get some more information in, but for now, here's what all those other intrepid online daters will know about this cynical hippie:

I'm a news junkie who loves a good story, a sports fan who loves a good game, a writer who loves good grammar and a girl who loves a good pair of heels. I'm looking for man I can talk to, laugh with, be open with and possibly paint my face with during football games.

Again, it is possible that I will scare every man who looks at my profile away. But you know what? It is more than worth it if I never have another "how r u do u like tall guys" conversation.

Wish me luck!

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