Saturday, January 26, 2013

I am the devil

Just kidding! Actually, caps lock is.

Remember the lady who called and asked if I was LDS? She's almost as indefatiable as 'DULTG'G. She called my boss to complain, then sent him an email that morphed into a letter to the editor, all about this troublesome article. (My comments are in red, 'cause it's the devil's color. And the grammar, as much as it pains me to have such grammar on my blog, is original.)

"I was reading on the front page of the Daily Herald on Dec. 31 about BYU and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, of which I am a member. I felt I needed to express my thoughts. I was offended by the piece.

Despite the Democratic view of things, Mitt Romney would have been a better choice, as those who did not vote for him will soon find out. FYI, this woman has not won the lottery or hit it big in the stock market, so the veracity of her crystal ball remains in question. Students at BYU defying the honor code should not sound like a pat on the back. #readingcomprehensionfail If they do not like the honor code they should attend another school, BYU is not a prison. Not following an honor code THEY agree to. Dang you, caps lock! Is just downright disrespectful to the school and others that stand by the agreement they sign. I have two children that attend BYU and they do not find it hard to uphold the honor code. Maybe those that do should search their true beliefs. For the record, having a beard is not a sin.

As for the church’s most recent announcements, well, I have been a member for 36 years and have always known racism is NOT OKAY. NO DUH! Applauding the use of "no duh." It's hard to work that into conversation these days, especially when you're in your 60s. Although, caffeine is not against the Word of Wisdom that is true, but anything we take into our bodies that is knowingly harmful to us IS. Two words: funeral potatoes. There are tons of research about the effects of caffeine. You decide. Again, the article hails rebellion against the schools decision about caffeinated drinks. She talks about rebellion like nothing good ever came of one. Students that want it can get it elsewhere. A lot of schools all over the country are trying to give students healthier choices.

As far as the articles take on rebellion of some women wearing pants to church to make a statement, this was a feminist group only feminists ≠ members or at least feminists < members and they have more issues, than clothes, but they have the right to their opinion. There are other good churches that may better suit their beliefs. Really? Really? You want to make the "if you don't like it, leave" argument about God's church? If you are a member of this church and believe we are led by a living prophet, then we must follow his teachings, not rebel against them. Absolutely true. Nothing to do with pants.

Yes, it is true that the church has a new website to help people with gay issues. I think that is great. We are all God’s children and we love all our brothers and sisters except for apostate reporters, but to make it sound like the church reaching out to our gay brothers and sister and condoning the practice, is false. True the attraction alone is not a sin, but this part was left out, THAT ACTING UPON IT IS. That. Did. Not. Change. In fact, that was never a question. In all seriousness, Sister von Holier Than Thou, please know this -- newspapers are not in the business of publishing things that didn't happen. Please put the entire quote in your article not just paraphrasing portions. Paraphrasing sure changes the entire meaning. especially when it misrepresents the subject?

My last thought is about the MTC where my husband and I are now serving. I guess the view of a mountain, is much more important than the view of eternity. I again question the faith and testimony of those against the Lords work going forward. We must choose, which side we are on. If I lived near the MTC, I would feel great comfort in the knowledge that my sacrifice for the Lords work was greatly appreciated by the Prophet, those worthy young men and women willing to serve and most of all, my Father in Heaven. To paraphrase: how dare you question anything, you Lamanite? Turn in your CTR ring and go.

I appreciate the opportunity the Herald has given me to voice my thoughts. These are my thoughts and not necessarily those of the church." Necessarily?!?

This woman makes me sad. There is no room in her little word for discussion, no room for questioning, no room for finding out for yourself what is true. That is, might I add, the basic doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, of which I am a committed, converted yet still questioning member: you just find out for yourself that the church is the church of Jesus Christ. To do that, you must ask. Asking indicates that you do not know. And that's OK.

That includes the right to ask if the church is right in its action. There's nothing unfaithful about that. In Utah, the LDS Church is a social, political and economic force greater than any other in the state, and there is a huge difference between the doctrine in which I believe and the corporation whose PR agents make my life a ginormous hassle. The first I need for exaltation. The second is one of the things I complain about when I get home from work.

People occasionally call Mormons (and Christians and other groups) sheep. This is meant derogatorily, indicating that members tend to just do what they're told without knowing or asking why. My sincere hope is that members do ask why -- not that they don't do what the prophets say, but that they ask why and they determine where they stand on it. That is what having a testimony is. It is questioning. It is even doubting. I feel no shame in saying that I've questioned both the teachings and the policies of the church. I've doubted what others recognize as inspiration. And I can still, without hesitation, classify myself as a faithful member of the church, and in some ways more importantly, as a Christian who will recognize Christ when he returns.

"We are not obedient because we are blind, we are obedient because we can see." President Boyd K. Packer

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