Monday, December 3, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things

I got online tonight with a list of things to do, after which I was going to read my smart book and feel really accomplished.

Instead, I got sidetracked by pictures of my trip to West Virginia earlier this year, and this blog post was born.

Turning 30 with Trouble and Troublemaker. They made me cupcakes. The younger one promptly ate his. :)

Being someone at least one person looks to as a protector

The desert

Making new and exciting discoveries

Knowing what people used to think was a good idea.
Wondering what people will think of our good ideas a century or two down the road.

Rain. Good memories.

LOLing on the streets of London



Good stories




Soccer. Good company

Pictures that are aching for a caption

Men who look good bald. Let's face it, they're all going to be eventually.

The First Amendment. People who care.

Red rocks, blue sky

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