Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Treating an election day hangover

I knew I should have stayed away from Facebook today. Knew it. Did I listen to my inner sage? No. And this is what happens.

It's been 18 hours since all of the news stations declared Obama the winner. This was a) moderately good news for me, and b) not a huge surprise. Nor should it have been a surprise that the majority of my posting Facebook friends were Republican and on varying levels of distraught.

Anyway again, just now while scrolling through I learned that a) a person I never expected to be a drama queen may be the biggest one I've ever met, and b) people really honestly see the things I hear Jon Stewart making fun of.

And here's why I am here tonight. A Facebook friend who is conservative but not melodramatic posted this: "I'm just curious. Why did everyone vote for? And why? Please comment with who and why you voted." I was curious too and clicked on the comments. Mine made No. 12. Most were for Romney, and most of them were solid reasons — he's a good man, I like his ideas, I don't feel like Obama has followed through on what he said.

The first one, though, was this: "Romney, because I am capable of free thought."

Oy vey. And I'm not? Pray tell, then, who told me to vote for Obama? My Republican mother? My neoconservative boss? The cable news that I never watch? Most of the people in my life who, judging by my FB feed, voted Republican? Differing thought does not mean no thought or somebody else's thought. 

At the bottom was this: "Romney. He is LDS, he had ideas and beliefs that matched mine (everything he proposed in his speeches I liked), and he has a great background. I figured he would save this country."

You had me until the end. Romney will not save the country. I say this not as an Obama supporter but as a realist. Romney would not have saved the country. Obama will not save the country. They're politicians, not magicians, not genies, not saviors — just men who are looking for a very specific job.

And then there was this: "You won't get many on this post that say they voted for Obama. 90% of them are in the cities and don't have jobs, taking advantage of the system."

Well, if that's not a gross, in all senses of the world, generalization, I don't know what it is. The Obama voters I know went to college. We have jobs. We pay our bills. We have integrity and do our research. The ones with children are good parents. Obama supporters donate time, money and resources. Is this true only of Democrats? Of course not. Are all Republicans close-minded, judgmental buffoons who never know when to not speak? Of course not. Those are just the ones who mutinied and took over the ship.

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  1. Well spoken Heidi! This is about the most rational reaction to the election that I have heard!