Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rodent confrontations and chivalry

Tonight's evening of trip preparation followed by relaxing in front of the TV took a turn for the shrill when I saw movement around the curtains out of the corner of my eye.

"Guys, I think we have something living over here," I said, getting up to inspect it. Mary Lu ran for a shoe to kill the bug and Krista pulled her feet off the floor while I tried to figure it where it went. I was thinking it was a moth that just wasn't flying, because it was too big to be a spider and Utah doesn't have big cockroaches.

Krista found it first.

"Uh, it's not a moth," she shrieked, hopping on the back of the couch. "It's a mouse!"

I went from controlled to screaming and panicking. What am I supposed to do with a mouse? I can handle spiders, but rodents?

Mary Lu, armed with a shoe that would be useless against a mammal, went back for her other other shoe while we made a plan: i.e. what boy could we call to get rid of the mouse for us? She started to pull out the TV while I found a container to trap the beast in. Emily arrived home to find three pajama-clad roommates squealing in fright. She called her boyfriend to come over and then called her dad. Boyfriend, who just dropped her off, returned, with no more of a plan to get rid of the mouse but with much less high-pitched freaking out.

We ended up with Boyfriend holding a box to catch the mouse, Mary Lu dismantling everything around the TV to scare it from its hiding place and me gingerly removing pillows from the window seat on the off chance that it ran up the curtains and was hiding. This time I found it, sitting on a cushion. I responded calmly by pointing out the rodent to Boyfriend and the box.

LOL! What actually happened is I vociferated and pointed at the beast while simultaneously sprinting away from it. It turns out I am a huge chicken. Except anyone who's ever been around me in a scary movie already knows that.

With the pillow gone, our unwelcome visitor sprinted for safety while Krista, Emily and I sat on couches with feet far away from the floor. I thought it got away when I heard Boyfriend say, "OK, now what do we do with it?"

Killing it was out. We're all too tender-hearted (or squeamish) to do that. So Boyfriend scooted the box toward the door while Mary Lu, armed with a much more effective broom, followed him to make sure it got out. Armed with a dustpan and much closer to the mouse than I wanted to be, I held my weapon by the box to make sure it had only one way to go. I'm pretty sure there was more yelling as the box went up and Mary Lu chased it out the door, waving the broom at it and yelling, "Stay away from Krista's window!"

I predict we're all going to have mouse-themed nightmares tonight.

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