Monday, November 12, 2012

Road trip ramblings

The city of Bernalillo is in Sandoval County. The city of Albuquerque is in Bernalillo County.

Elephantitis. How did this discussion become a part of my life?

David Petraeus's affair apparently was not good for gas prices.

Nobody makes boy bands like the late 1990s. It was good to be a teenage girl.

I ate a pound of carrots in the first three hours of my drive.

There's a sign in Dove Creek, Colo., that warns travelers that this is their "last chance to buy 6% beer!"

One good thing about it getting dark so early is that by the time I'm heading due west, the sun is already down, meaning I never have to drive straight into it.

Not all rest stops are created equal. Some have vending machines and are inside and very inviting. Some are pit toilets with no hand sanitizer and no lights, but by the time you realize this it's too late.

Provo doesn't look so bad after 13 hours in a car. Even though it's covered with snow.

I know I've been traveling too long when I move to shift the car into fifth gear on a 35 mph street.

Drat the stimulus. A direct result of that is more road construction in the world.

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