Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Mazda wagon is a sexy beast

I have one cankle and one regular-sized ankle. But I'll get to that later.

Today started out tired, progressed to itchy, then lost, then dusty, then lost some more, then back to tired. Fortunately, it's mostly a good tired.

I'm finished with day one of my election purge trip. I drove for a long time, stopped at a little lake and debated going skinny dipping. I found Monument Valley, found the trailhead and, after a number of false starts, found the trail. It went around the West Mitten. Yes, there is an East Mitten.

Then I took my little wagon off-roading. For 12 miles, we felt every little bump and saw some amazing earth, fire and sky. Also, we shared the road with cows.

Then, I left the park and drove determinedly toward Farmington, where I was spending the night. I had another little adventure forthcoming.

Here's what happened. Last Saturday night, my bad knee was irritated and I was scratching it. Sunday I woke up with bumpy red spots all over said knee. I assumed I'd scratched up a rash.

Then Monday it was worse -- red and rough and inflamed. My leg looked diseased. I put medicine on and took Benadryl in case it had become hives. Tuesday, no change. I canceled my PT appointment for Wednesday, and woke up to a still-leprous joint. Well, Thursday I discovered that my entire lower leg was inflamed. I decided to find a doctor. That preceded my timed dash to Farmington.

Well, the doctor was as baffled as me. He said it must be hives because it couldn't be anything else, but he couldn't pinpoint what the allergic reaction was to.

(I'm trying to ignore the fact that I'm paying to have a doctor tell me exactly what the Internet told me.)

Anyway, I got medicine, I got a hotel room, I got dinner and I've got time to sleep in tomorrow if needed. Good night!

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