Sunday, November 11, 2012


My mom's pet dog's pet dog keeps trying to sit on my foot like he's trying to hatch an egg. And then he gives me this pained look that seems to say, "Why is your foot always in the way?" It's one of life's unanswerable mysteries.

I am on day 4 of my 5-day post-election laziness binge. A quick update to the last one -- my foot is now seriously swollen, although not at all painful, and my leg remains swollen and crusty but is much less red and itchy. It's actually more disgusting, but looks less disgusting.

I really, really just want my leg to get better, inside and out. I want to be able to wear a skirt and run. Come on, body! Heal already!

Anyway, it's been magical. I'll try and sum it in bullet pointese.
  • Two people asked me if I have a fellow. One was a very nice man who was just being polite. The other is a woman who loves me and therefore is legitimately concerned that I am not going to find a man. She said, and I quote, "There's someone out there for everybody -- I hope."
  • Texas Tech won! It wasn't pretty, and it was far closer than it needed to be, and it was just one more sign that the only thing we are consistent about is our inconsistency, but we got a notch in the W column. You take those however they come.
  • The reason I don't like BYU is because it's not Texas Tech. The reason I don't like BYU fans is because they wear the wrong colors, scream the wrong cheers and sing the wrong fight song. If we could just fix that, life in Provo would be better.
  • I have real trouble with times zones. I got my mom out of bed pre-5 a.m. so we could drive over to Lubbock in time for the 10 a.m. game. Which was actually at 11 a.m. My bad. The good news is, I'm always an hour early and never an hour late.
  • I have bit my tongue four times now as people started railing on Obama. I think there are good places to stand my ground. I don't think correcting the old folks in my mom's ward is really one of those times.
  • Pumpkin is a vegetable. Ergo, pumpkin cookies are ....
  • I don't know this for sure, but I think that New Mexico has more sky per square acre than any other state. Eat your heart out, mountainous regions.
  • I have acquired a Pizzelle maker. You heard me.
  • Driving around Farmington was surreal. I haven't really spent any time in the town in more than a decade, and when I lived there I didn't drive, so I didn't really know my way around, but I sort of remembered stuff. Things looked familiar, but like from the back of my mind. I saw the turn to go to my junior high and thought about turning -- and then wondered why and dismissed it completely.
  • I missed the snowstorm. I have gotten some rain and some wind and lots of dust (good old Lubbock's brown skies), but no snow. And tomorrow is supposed to be cold, but pretty dry.
And, while I'm not super thrilled with the prospect of 14 hours in my car, the journey between Roswell and Provo is really pretty.

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  1. How am I supposed to go from "pizzelle" to "waffle cookie"?