Monday, October 29, 2012

8 crazy nights

I read a horrifying letter to the editor recently.

The writer asked Utah voters why on earth they were voting for Mitt Romney and Jim Matheson. His record and experience, agreeing with him, his opponent having no experience -- none of this matters, because he is a Democrat, and putting Romney in the White House and putting more Democrats in the House is just pointless. All this talk about voting for the person, not the party -- balderdash, he said. Voting your conscience be damned. Vote Republican.

This adds to the growing pile of evidence I've been collecting to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that if Satan were running as a Republican in Utah, he would get elected.

Election day is a brief eight days away. I am very excited to sport my "I voted" sticker all day. (My favorite is the one with the thumbprint on it.) We got a reprieve from stupid election news today because actual news, in the form of a really angry tropical storm named Sandy, is beating down on the East Coast. Lives and property are at risk. I only wish one of the debates had been scheduled for tonight.

Ten days from now, I am throwing a few clothes in my car and getting out of Dodge. I realized, about a week after my last vacation, that I needed another vacation. I've put it off for this long. I'm going to do some hiking, have lunch with my brother, going to some football and going home to hang with my mom and the canines for a couple of days. I took the time off without knowing exactly where I wanted to go but knowing that I wanted to get out of Utah Valley. The football came after watching Tech beat TCU in triple overtime. Hopefully my boys play like they did against West Virginia and not like they did against Kansas State.

But if nothing else, I have the knowledge that my front door is well decorated.

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