Wednesday, September 12, 2012

**This post contains adult content**

I'm just going to be straight here: when you are doing laundry by hand in this weird dance from tiny sink to shower to someplace to put it, it's best to do so au naturel. You are going to get soaking wet.

Fortunately, that adventure's done. My clothes are dry-ish and will hopefully be dry when it's time to pack them up and head out.

Today was a day of really great moments interspersed with ethnocentric American annoyances: why can't I order tap water in a restaurant? Why is there one restroom for this huge and popular museum? The grocery store opens at 9? I hate that people can smoke in restaurants here. Why is this room so small?

But all of those things don't matter, really (except the smoking. Seriously, Europe? You need to pick up your graphic blackened lung PSAs), and the rest of the day was good. I went to two ancient history museums and one for Checkpoint Charlie. They're still looking for information on people's whereabouts.

The pictures below are part of the East Side Gallery, a section of the wall that's been memorialized and turned into art.

Oh, and I got my schnitzel. After this trip I'm not eating pork for like a year.

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