Monday, September 17, 2012

So many desserts, so little time

What does it say about me that of the two times I cried on this trip, one of them was watching old footage of FC Bayern?

Allianz Arena, home of FC Bayern, or Bayern Munich, was supposed to be a quick stop. Nothing was happening, I just wanted to spend a couple minutes at the arena where some of the best soccer in the world is played. But there was a museum. I went.

I did not, sadly, make it to the BMW museum. Apparently museums in Germany are closed on Mondays. (Except Allianz?) The good news is, the BMW Welt, which had all the latest models, Xbox BMW racing and more is open. I'm less interested in how BMW developed from airplanes than I am in how pretty they are. Seriously, who needs art museums when you have the M class?

After that came Olympic Park. The rest of it was spent shopping, eating, finding random landmarks and getting hit on in the park. It was awesome. I'm sitting on the grass and it's dusk, and this guy walks by and says something in German. I say I don't know German. So he switches to English. He is from Turkey, and why haven't I been there? He asks where I'm from and if there are snakes there. Then he asks if I'm alone or lonely. I say alone just as he says that if I'm lonely, he can help with that, he has romantic hours.

Hopefully he found someone to keep him from being lonely.

I also saw a woman at a bakery knock a piece of pain au chocolat to the ground, pick it up, blow it off and put it back. I'm going to be honest, I judged her.

This is my last night in Germany. Tomorrow I have about 15 hours of flying between me and my bed. It's been really fun. I worried I would get lost, which I did. I worried I wouldn't feel safe, but I did everywhere, even walking past open strip clubs at night. There were times when I definitely would have liked company, and on the whole I think I'd rather travel with someone, but there were also moments when I enjoyed being on my own. I don't really know anyone who would have enjoyed the random mix of activities I've done in the last two weeks. And I don't know who would have had the patience for all the wandering.

Plus, I didn't want to share driving time. :)

Wish me luck! I have a short layover in Dulles -- one hour to go through customs, go through security again and catch another plane.

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