Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nothing's funnier than the truth

Last year I discovered my love of funny signs while traveling. It was a little harder this year, since I had no idea if the signs were funny since I don't speak German at all. But some things translate well in any language.
Such as this shirt I saw in a store on Cologne. Really?

 Or this random sign on a street in Berlin. Verklimmt straight.

This next bit requires a little explanation. Apparently currywurst (sliced sausage covered with some version of ketchup and curry on top) is a very big deal in Berlin. Curry 61 is a restaurant along some street I walked down. Next door to it is another sausage place.

See the sign on the restaurant bench next to Curry 61? For a closer look ...

I suspect that the restaurant is saying no customers from Curry 61 could sit on its bench, but it seems like it's saying currywurst is bad. It made me giggle. And it's true.

I saw this in Berlin. It's not even a joke.

And lastly, from the FC Bayern museum at Allianz Arena in Munich:

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