Friday, September 7, 2012

Ich bin ein nicht berliner

Someone just asked me for help. This is new.

So I'm typing this in Germany! On the strangest keyboard I have ever used.

Writing this in the lounge of my hotel is what's keeping me from going upstairs, taking off my shoes and the clothes I've been wearing for a solid two days and going to bed. (On an unrelated note, when I got off the plane today we went through first class instead of going out the middle cabin door, how we boarded. I'm pretty sure it was a gentle reminder to all of us cheapies in coach that there is a better way to fly.)

But anyway -- I'm in Frankfurt. I made it through two movies on the 9.5-hour flight from Houston, got a few hours of sleep, and at one point, after I had put on my sleep mask but had not yet fallen asleep, I overheard a man a few rows up telling a flight attendant he was going to Los Angeles that day. She asked to see his boarding pass since, you know, we were going the exact opposite way of Los Angeles. I laid back and wondered how you exactly get on the wrong international flight.

I am pleased to say I did not get lost in the airport, but that may have been the only place today I have not gotten lost. I successfully made it to the train station, found a locker for my luggage, tried not to look too much like a tourist while lugging around a camera and guidebook and went to find the museum I wanted to go too. Since then I've also taken a nap, woken up very confused, went up 54 floors for a view of Frankfurt and in general just wandered around the city. It's been chill.

The most distressing moment of the trip has not been wondering if I was going to get robbed outside the main train station, having no idea how to buy my subway ticket, unintentionally walking past my street and finding myself in the middle of a wine fest (the wine wasn't the problem, but I still smell like cigarette smoke). No, the worst moment was when I was partway through my 4-hour layover in Houston and an alarm went off. Of all the places to be stuck -- Houston?

I have not eaten any great food yet. I will, I promise. Today I was shooting for food I recognized. Tomorrow I'll start on the good stuff.

And, allow me to introduce you to a German keyboard. When >I started tzping on it earlier, I didnät realiye that not all the kezs were in the same places as on American kezboard. >It makes sense now that >I think about it, because thez have some different characters than we do, but Iäm not lzing when >>I tell zou that it took me five minutes to log into mz email the first time

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