Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I am only part German

Germans are a very rule-abiding people. This is why the autobahn and German engineering have not combined to bring about the extinction of the people.

Normally I fall into this category -- so much so, in fact, that when a tourist surreptitiously took pictures inside a castle filled with no-camera signs and after being told not to by the nice tour guide in the dirndl, I considered telling him to stop.

But I blame the British or the Hungarian or the contrary New Mexican for the times when I ignore the rules.

Such as today, when I'm waiting to get on an airplane that I sprinted through the airport with shoes untied to catch, after shoving my way off of a 9-hour flight that I spent the last hour of more airsick than I have ever been, going through security three times, showing ID five times and still having more than seven hours of travel ahead of me. So I went ahead with my group 6 boarding pass and boarded with group 4.

Then I sat in the airplane and stewed for 40 minutes while we didn't take off. And thought about snapping at my rowmates for making me get up so they could go to the bathroom. I've spent much of the last five hours one snap away from a temper tantrum.



  1. We have to have rules. Where would we be if we didn't have rules? :)