Thursday, September 13, 2012

Diamonds, lobsters and dishes

I wonder, if I walk everywhere and don't buy anything new and live on Ramen, if I can save enough money to come back to Germany at Christmas. This country takes the holiday seriously -- so seriously, in fact, that there are Christmas markets during December and a year-round store just for Christmas. In this store you can buy ornaments, hand carved decorations, candlesticks and more. I walked out with a bag and an anticipation for Christmas that I haven't had since Scrooge moved in eight years ago. The Apt. 25 Christmas tree is going to be amazing!

Besides that, today had a 7-story department store with pretty much everything. (Imagine Walmart but with gourmet chocolates, 70 cheeses, fresh baked everything, a bathroom attendant, crystal, Tiffany's and Dior. Actually, it's nothing like Walmart.) And yes, I went into Tiffany's. You find out how girly you are when confronted with diamonds.

There was also reading in the park, unapologetically eating chocolate layered mousse deliciousness for lunch, getting lost and, of course, wondering where I could wear a dirndl.

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