Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The day I should have called in sick

This man called me today. He didn't like the answer he got from me, so he called someone else and protested the response from the "young girl" he talked to earlier.

I hope he calls me back. If he does, the minute he says his name, I'm going to very politely explain to him that I am not a young girl, I am an adult, I am his peer, and if he does not show respect to me this conversation is over. Same goes for people who call me any variation of sweetheart. Terms of endearment might (might) be cute between S.O.s, but in a professional setting they are offensive and disrespectful and indicate the speaker's deficiencies. Maybe if he weren't such a curmudgeonly old man he would know that.

OK, I feel a little better having typed that. I still hope he calls me again sometime, because, lucky for me, I have a freakishly good memory and will remember this incident down to the minutia. Luckily for him, I will accept his apology.

After curmudgeonly old man and another phone call, I got onto Facebook. I found willpower I didn't know I had and got off. My afternoon improved significantly.

Today in general was not a good day for me to answer the phone. Or come to work. Or be on Facebook. See, today was the day of a protest to which the other side responded with another protest. The Utah County side that I got resulted in a lot of people showing their "community values" by spending money on fried foods. I really don't see how political involvement gets any more real than that — unless it's by defiant kissing on the other side of the street.

But it's OK. I'm pleased that people use social media to share their views. I'm always thrilled when people inconvenience themselves to make a point. I feel like we've taken a big step today — not really forward, or backward, but kind of sideways with a weird little hop. You know what I mean.

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