Thursday, August 16, 2012

Have a little faith

I have a deep and abiding distrust of most people.

I blame it partly on my job, but I was like this long before I became a reporter. I have no good explanation for this; I just assume that people are going to let me down either through selfishness or laziness or ignorance or malice. This doesn't always apply to everyone, just the other 6 billion minus the handful I know.

Several months ago when I offered to drive an old woman who was carrying her groceries home in the snow, I first assessed the situation and concluded that if things got ugly, I could probably take her. That is how little I trust people.

So last Friday, when I ordered something online and forgot to check my address and got a $250 camera sent somewhere I haven't lived in two years, I was more than a little concerned that I had just bought somebody else a nice surprise. I tried to email the seller and change my address with the post office and do everything I could think of, including leaving a note with my phone number on the door, then I checked the tracking frequently and figured my best option was the mailman leaving the note that it arrived on the door. I could swing by and take the note with no one even knowing.

And I hoped and hoped and hoped that whoever lived there didn't just sign for it and then keep it. I would never do that and no one I know would ever do that, I don't know anyone to whom this has happened. But I had no one to vouch for all of the other people on the planet. I tried to prepare myself for the worst.

Wednesday, the day my camera was scheduled to arrive, came. I figured mail gets delivered in the early afternoon and planned my attack accordingly.

Then my phone rang. The man's voice on the other end identified himself as the mail carrier who delivered to my old apartment; he had my package, the note was still on the door and he wanted to make sure I got it.

Then, on Wednesday night, I got a text from someone who lives in that apartment; there'd been a notice for me in the mailbox.

I don't think I deserve that much goodwill from people. But thanks, mailman and Provo tenant, for so spectacularly proving me wrong.

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