Sunday, August 12, 2012

Do you know what happened on Saturday?

Saturday, Aug. 11, was a big day. Big, potentially life-changing things happened.

The biggest of those things? Rachel and I started a fire -- an honest to goodness wood-burning fire, not a charcoal and lighter fluid mess -- in a grill. Are you allowed to do that?

The good news was, we did not start north Utah County on fire. Considering how many people have started it on fire this year, we feel this is quite an achievement.

Saturday was our biennial meteor shower watching barbecue. It was a little less melodramatic than the inaugural. We went to the Saratoga Springs marina, which turned out to be really far from, well, everywhere. The marina's website promised us grills and fire pits.

Well, we got there and discovered potentially one fire pit. I say potentially because it was very much in use and we were not entirely sure that the answer to the question, "did you dig that fire pit yourself?" was no.

So we went to Plan B, which was to run to the store and get charcoal and lighter fluid. Except in addition to being far from everything was far from a grocery store. So instead we just lit a fire in the grill.

It took us a while to get it going; we moved a lot of newspaper before we finally caught a piece of wood on fire. And even then we refused to high-five each other for a successful fire until we were positive that wood was burning.

But, as noted above, it died. We cooked hot dogs, roasted corn in the coals (oh. my. gosh. Only way to cook corn on the cob. Never boil it again.) Then we toasted (lit on fire) marshmallows and made s'mores before thoroughly dousing our fire and then, just to be safe, dousing it again.

Then we drove. And drove. And drove s'more, west until I had no idea how far west we'd gone. We got a little lost in Eagle Mountain before parking at an elementary school and laying in the back field looking for meteors. I checked every now and then to make sure the annoying kids who should have been in bed were not doing anything to our cars.

We saw a few meteors, a few spots of light that could have been meteors and a whole bunch of airplanes. We also saw a police officer who'd noticed two empty cars in a school parking lot and ran our plates to determine if we were vandals. Apparently we looked trustworthy, because as soon as we explained what we were doing he told us we could stay.

Other than that, it's been an eventful time. The Olympics are now over. The United States fell in love with Missy Franklin and I was introduced to Ryan Lochte's pecs. U.S. Soccer continued its world dominance. I rented a BMW to drive on the autobahn. I went rafting and zipling yesterday. There haven't been any mass shootings in the last week. My physical therapist told me not to run for a while so I don't completely mess up my leg. Maybe with all the biking and swimming I'll be doing during that time will prepare me for another triathlon.

Yup, I think that's it. Nothing else big going on today.

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